Terry SecorFull circle a Big Island band was started by Terry Secor, the band leader and guitarist extraordinaire.His 35 years of experience has made Full Circle the most desired band on the Big Island.

Terry obtained his music education from the Southern Illinois University then took to the road to Big Sur California. There he explored many music genres, jazz, blues, pop rock soul, rock and R&B and found his tastes leaned toward Smooth Jazz.

While in California he had the opportunity to play with many great musicians and he rose to the occasion

and became one of the greats himself. Terry has 50 years of experience at playing his guitar and he is self taught on the keyboard. He is a master at his craft.

Also playing with Full Circle is Laureen DeBina on vocals, Haunani Wehrsig on vocals, Ronnie Atwater on drums and vocals and Lindsay Lindsey on vocals .

Terry arrived on the Big Island in 1979 where he put together his band and has been playing on a regular basis since. He plays hotel conventions, special events and he is in the clubs on a weekly basis. He

can play any style of music and his song lists are long and diverse. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t learn to give his clients a great experience. He is a true proffesional and a pleasure to do business with

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